NO. 5

Its a busy week so here’s the weeks overview! look out for the next blog about my Full 3 Days off! Continue reading “NO. 5”

1 month in…

My most active week, and i’ve been here a month!! SHOCKER I actually went for a run!!

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In a week of Days off, Selfies and Birthdays

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This Week I Struggled With A Title…So lets call it Blog NO.3

The last week of training & The Brits educating the rest of the spring team on Bake Off

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A Shout Out To All The Girls I know…

International Women’s Day 2017- How Kirsty See’s It. 👀 💁
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Featured post

First Things First

As I reach the end of my first full week in Switzerland, The theme of this week is “first times”.

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Lets start at the very beginning…

… A very good place to start
When you read you begin with A-B-C
When you sing you begin with do-re-mi

(Sorry I’m  channeling the sound of music as I write this blog, looking out my window at the mountains surrounding Our Chalet)
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MY 6 Week Challenge: WEEK #6


I know this is post is very over-due, but here’s a recap of the end of my challenge!  Continue reading “MY 6 Week Challenge: WEEK #6”

MY 6 Week Challenge: WEEK #5

In a week I did a double and survived and then beat the daily 10,000 steps goal twice.

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