The Week Of The Great Escape

In a funny week that started with an escape and I spent a lot of time admiring the mountains.

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MY 6 Week Challenge: WEEK #6


I know this is post is very over-due, but here’s a recap of the end of my challenge!  Continue reading “MY 6 Week Challenge: WEEK #6”

MY 6 Week Challenge: WEEK #5

In a week I did a double and survived and then beat the daily 10,000 steps goal twice.

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MY 6 Week Challenge: WEEK #4

In a week full of muddy rugby and Bootcamp,  I didn’t just manage 6 days of exercise this week I got a full house 7/7! #SMASHEDIT #THISGIRLCAN

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MY 6 Week Challenge: WEEK #3

Another unsuccessful week, from feeling under the weather to having my food weaknesses (crackers and cheese) in the house, this week is a write off… I also made a cake, which I had to taste!!

On the bright side, I clocked three hours and forty minutes of sport this week which is good!

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MY 6 Week Challenge: WEEK #2

In a mixed week that started well with a super Saturday double at fitness flex and my first netball goal since school, there was a race to get 6 days of exercise in to meet the challenge!

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MY 6 Week Challenge WEEK #1

After some recent exciting news, (for another day and another blog post!) I’ve just started a six week kick-start challenge to help lose the weight I put on when writing a dissertation fuelled by chocolate and sweets… and improve my fitness levels.

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Surfs Up!

Last year on our annual summer holiday to Cornwall, I finally got my wish to have surfing lessons.

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