In a funny week that started with an escape and I spent a lot of time admiring the mountains.

My time at Our Chalet is drawing to an end, in many ways this is a sad time, however there is a sense of relief as it means it is time for the infamous staff day out and I can stop secretly planning behind the other girls backs and also I can relax without the worry I will give the surprise away!

Monday 15th May – STAFF DAY OUT 

Today is the day Anne and I have been planning for over the last month it’s Staff Day Out!

The day started with All Staff Meeting (the last for the team of Spring 2017) with reverse culture shock training at the end.

Then the fun began!

The staff were split into teams and then into their cars and off to Interlaken we went! Anna was driving and with her new speakers meant we could have music playing on route which meant we had a good sing along! Although unfortunately my S Club choices were not well received in the car…

The first two teams went and did the escape rooms first whilst the third (my team) had a couple of hours to explore Interlaken with a photo scavenger hunt to keep us occupied.

Despite having pack lunches Anna and I couldn’t resist an Asian Take-Away, this time going for Indian. I tried Paneer for the first time – when it had been described to me I wasn’t convinced but it was actually really nice. (Falafel wraps again I should have learnt that Anna always knows best by now…😜)

staff day out 1Collage

After lunch we started to make our way through Interlaken to the Marmot Sanctuary. On the way we stopped to take photos for the scavenger hunt and Anna and I got ice-creams that resembled mountains from Schuch – had our ice-cream luck turned?!

So pleased with our non-chocolate ice creams from the Chocolaterie

Eventually we made it to the Marmot sanctuary and thankfully this time they were awake and I finally saw a Marmot!!!


Then it was a rush back to get to the Mystery Rooms in time. I can’t say much about the Escape Rooms itself (Sworn to secrecy) but we made it out alive (just), despite kinda breaking one of the clues in the process…BUT we escaped and that’s what matters here.


Back at Chalet the surprises weren’t over yet. After dinner clean up we met in the Conference Room which for one night only was “Kirsty and Anne’s Ice-Cream Karaoke Bar”.

Group Photo – WE ALL ESCAPED!

I love Interlaken and it was a great way to say goodbye to one of my favourite places in great company – Team 3 represent 🤟 – Thanks Pals

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Tuesday 16th May 

Today I was off and with little time left in Adelboden I needed to make a trip to the Woodcarvers.

We hiked the to Woodcarvers where I discovered Yoshi had even more merch with her name on! Then on our way to town we stopped off at Choleren Gorge. Charlotte was once again very patient with me on dodgey suspension bridges.

On the way Yoshi and I couldn’t resist setting up a few photo-shoots, I mean it would be rude not to…

When we got back Yoshi and her friend made yoshi for Staff dinner, I somehow got roped in helping, again.


Then in the evening we went an watched the sunset turn Lohner pink – I’m gonna miss this.


Here’s some more pictures from the days adventures.

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Wednesday 17th – Thursday 18th May 

The rest of the week was a bit crazy with the arrival of Europe Region for the volunteer meeting. It was interesting meeting all of these people from around the region who are clearly very passionate about Guiding and Scouting. International night on thursday was a particular highlight showing how different we all are, despite being from the same continent. Also the Brits brought chocolate fingers – need I say anymore?


Friday 19th May 

I took this photo on the walk to Tanya’s house in the next valley

Today was Jenn and Amy’s leaving party where we surprised Jenn with a flash mob Finnish Waltz and then had a campfire at Tanya’s.


This Ginger Can (Escape the Mystery Rooms) SO CAN YOU!