A week with two days off enjoying the natural beauty of Switzerland. 

Monday 8th May

Today a group of us were off, so we borrowed the Our Chalet Van and went to the other Thun Castle – Oberhofen Castle.

It was a really pretty and peaceful place. Although the castle was closed we could explore the vast gardens. There was even a play area to have a go on!

thun castle


Then we went on to Thun itself, where we had Falafel wraps – which were so good Anna wasn’t lying.

Tuesday 9th May

So today was the start of Stop The Violence national trainer training – all day.

Managed to get a Selfie with Skippy though didn’t I?

Wednesday 10th May

After another day of Stop The Violence I went on a evening walk with Charlotte up Holibeweg.

Thursday 11th May

The Last day of Stop the Violence Training, In pairs we delivered/facilitated activities I was with Charlotte.

Then after dinner Anna and I went on a even walk in Bunderland.

Friday 12th MayIMG_1724

Back to normal work after three days of training.

In the evening I finally finished reading Girl On The Train!

Saturday 13th May

Today I had a day off with Kalia so we visited Blausee. Its a blue lake and also a trout farm with lots of forestry around too.

There was a wedding happening that Kalia tried to join… we also got shown up by being helped using the play equipment in the park!


We stopped off in town and caught up with Anna and Maddy on programme and went to Cooop in preparation for the eurovision party later on.


In the evening the niceness committee ( Me, Hailey and Georgie) had organised a eurovision party. Everyone dressed up as a European country, apart from Charlotte who didn’t get dressed to be finish she just wore a towel…

We had a drinking game to play alongside watching it, for example every time a fire effect was used we had to drink, every time the songs changed language half way through etc… This was the first time I ever watched Eurovision the whole way through. (I did take a nap through at least the Ukraine.

Sunday 14th May

Back to work!

This Ginger Can (Peacefully Enjoy The Beauty of Switzerland) SO CAN YOU!