In week of mixed weather form beautiful sunny Bern to snowy hikes…

Monday 24th April

Today I had a day off so went to Bern with Sarah, Charlotte and Anna.

Bern is the capital of Switzerland and not too far from Adelboden by car or train.


We were spoilt with the weather and were able to enjoy the city, seeing the bears walking up (and i mean up) to the rose garden and enjoying an alfresco lunch in one of the squares.


After plenty of shopping and site seeing we then took the opportunity of being in a major town and went to see Beauty  and The Beast in ENGLISH at the cinema.

A good day.

I also took the opportunity to catch some Pokemon.

Tuesday 25th April

Today I was working.  In the morning I ran the ice-breakers for the start of ready steady go. Later on I had a Skype call with the World Centre Manager of our Cabana to discuss the World Centre Newsletter.

Wednesday 26th April

Today I was off, but not very productive!

Thursday 27th April

Today Me and Anna had planned to go to Frutigen by bus, mainly to go food shopping for something interesting for tea. I’m not quite sure why our plans changed but instead of a short walk and getting a bus to Frutigen we ended up walking into Adelboden in the snow to go food shopping.


After talking about Risotto for weeks we decided to make it for tea, despite both having it for lunch in Bern on Monday… I was quite impressed for a first attempt!

After food we finally bought ourselves to walk into town to see a “Country Tex Mex” band in Bernabar with Sarah, Amy, Jenn, Hailey, Eunice and Anne.

PicMonkey texmex

Then we walked back in even more snow!

Friday 28th April 


Of  course my one and only scheduled programme hike is the day we have tonnes of snow!

snow Collage

Today I walked to engslisten Falls in the morning WITH Ready Steady Go participants, Jenn and Amy.  I was there to take photos of the lovely spring weather…

Once I got back I went sledging and Airboarding (another thing done for the staff challenge!). I was on a roll as I then managed  to drive Boris the snow plough too!


Saturday 29th April

Another office day.

Sunday 30th April

Today was the end of Ready Steady Go with international night as evening programme. The majority of participants were from the UK so it was more of an British evening with different participants talking their parts of the UK. Not forgetting special guest stars Yoshika and the guests from Myanmar!

This Ginger Can Hike in knee deep snow…. SO CAN YOU!