I finally got to use my Skis the day before they went back!

Monday 1st May


IMG_1524 (1).JPG
We had around 20cm in 3 hours!!


Today I finally go the chance to use my skis!! Thanks to some help from my friends who could actually ski showing me how! It was hard, but I think I started getting the hand of it eventually. Apparently it’s a unusual to find it so easy to get back up after falling over at first, Atleast that s one part I got right?

snow2 Collage

After work today there was Grilled Cheese and Games Night. I’m not good at cards against humanity….

Tuesday 2nd May

Today I was off so Anna and I headed to Thun for the day.

I like Thun and it was nice to wander around and see the town again, and also catch some Pokeman…

We wrapped the day up with milkshake and fries for the train home.

thun3 collage.jpg
You can’t tell here but Anna and I are matching…

Wednesday 3rd May

Today I was back at work.

The task for today was to look through the archives and schedule the next lot of #ThrowbackThursdays.  It’s really interesting looking through the old Guest Books.

Anna helped me and were fueled by sweets and mini-mini-eggs.

Thursday 4th May

img_1600.jpgToday was another day in the office.

Sarah and my challenge for the day was to get a paw print from Skippy! It was a success I’m not too sure Skippy was happy about it!

Then we did some more work towards the Our Cabana Challenge.


Friday 5th May

Today I was very active and managed to fit in a run and an evening work between work!

A crazy mountain cat seemed to take a fancy to me, which was not OK.

Saturday 6th May

Just another day working in Switzerland…

Sunday 7th May



Today I was on Duty but managed to get someone to cover me so I could go for a a run. Really pleased with my time for 3km.

Once I was back and changed I face-timed home to plan them coming to visit.


This Ginger Can (Attempt To Ski)… SO CAN YOU

This Ginger Can Run SO CAN YOU!