In a week of learning the Irish are obsessed with Snapchat and  how to use the term “give out”. I also made an Irish friend.

Monday 17th April 

Today was another work day with newsletter deadlines to meet.

It’s nice having Aisling around sharing experience and ideas for Social Media and giving me some helpful advice!

Tuesday 18th April 

Today I had a lazy day off, spent reading my book. It’s taken me a while reading The Girl On The Train on and off but now I’m finally enjoying it!!!

Then Anna and Aisling brought chips back after lunch so we got cheesy chips. Now that ladies and gents is true friendship.

Wednesday 19th April 

Today started well with a run in the snow with Anna.

Today was a more exciting day off with Anna, Aisling, and Sarah, with the plan to go to LIDL!! On our way we stopped off at the Salvation Army Secondhand store, which Aisling thought was a museum. It was massive.

Next stop on Anna’s Magical Mystery Tour was Spiez and Lidl. Despite the rain we wanted to try the infamous Ice-Cream shop. Again it was closed. 😥 So we opted for chips instead! Then we were off to Lidl for dinner ingredients (have to make the most of our own personal chef Aisling while she’s here!)IMG_1173 (1)

On our way back we stopped off at another store, this one was called Landi. It did a lot of cheap alcohol, it’s probably similar to Home Bargains… 🤔

After dinner was the Irish party which Anna and I had helped Aisling to organise, (we made the paper chain, it was amazing.) The party had Karaoke, orange and green snacks, Heads Up party games and of course Irish Dancing!!


Thursday 20th April 


Today was a sad day because it’s Aislings’ last day…

So today I was instructed with taking over the Irish Girl Guides Senior Section Snapchat Account. Something different. I’ve learnt hanging out with Aisling this past week that Snapshot is a much bigger thing in Ireland than I am aware it is in the UK.

Charlotte was lead vollie for the day, and fully embraced being the snapshot story star!

After dropping Aisling off at the Bus Stop with Anna, we walked over to the campfire to close the Snapchat story. Then later we went over to Kandersteg for drinks.

Anna, I and Aisling in our favourite Selfie Spot

Friday 21st April 

Today is definitely more quiet without Aisling around. After work and Dinner we decided to go on a evening walk/hike. Although we had to stop Anne (The Kitchen Manager) as we came across all the snow from the avalanche… maybe i’ll make it to Bunderfalls another day…

Saturday 22nd April 

SUSHI Collage

Today I was in the office again and had a meetings for Ready Steady Go and Staff Social which I am organising.

Yoshi had decided to make a Japanese lunch and apparently needed my help. I made the sushi… quite pleased with the result!

I made the Salmon & Cucumber and Red Pepper & Cucumber Sushi Rolls.

Sunday 23rd April 


Today was a day of meetings. All Staff Meeting, Volunteer Evals, Intern Buddy meeting. Then we had staff social in the evening which I had planned with Anne and Anna with help from Aisling too. It started with a Scavenger Hunt and we then had a Campfire. The Campfire was topped off with Smores, I even learnt how to make marshmallows bigger when toasting them 😍.


This Ginger Can Also Organise a Staff Social (with a little help from her friends.)