Monday 10th April 

We’re being treated to some lovely weather at the moment and the Dining Hall was in use for the Free Being Me Programme so we had our lunch outside on the picnic tables. 🙃

Tuesday 11th April 

Today I wasn’t working but had a very lazy un-adventurous day off.

Wednesday 12th April 

Today I was off with Charlotte. We’d planned ourselves a very active day starting with a run. We ran for 5.3km down from Our Chalet and along the river before walking back up the hill (mountain) with a quick stop at a bench for a break!

Untitled design (2).png

Then we had breakfast followed by a trip to the suspension bridge. We had cake and ice cream and the weather was lovely for siting outside and enjoying good company. Then we hiked to Frutigen where we brought ingredients for which can only be described as amazing.


Thursday 12th April 

Today was a busy office day.

I was very excited for my Easter Parcel to arrive, including MINI EGGS!!! (Thanks mum)

Later, after dinner, the skies were clear and therefore it was perfect night for Star Gazing. I have to say I didn’t any layers on, so I didn’t last outside very long! 🤦

Friday 13th April 

Today Anne and I had an exciting meeting planning Staff Day Out (SHHH IT’S A SECRET).

After dinner Anna made me go to the Campfire and once there I literally made her join in with the actions.

Later back in Stockli we played Google Map Tours, including a virtual Pub Crawl in Cork( Thanks Aisling).

Saturday 14th April 

Today I went down to the Bus Stop to walk up the group of Lebanese Guests. As we left Our Chalet the heavens opened (typical!) Adrian took some of the group and their luggage up as I started to walk up with the remainder. As it was raining, it was only appropriate to sing the campfire version of “Singing In The Rain” followed by some Lebanese songs and then Crazy Moose (it would be rude not too.) Half way up we were secured by Adrian. The group then decided we should sing Crazy Moose to Adrian… not so sure he was pleased with that brain-wave…

After work today we had an egg decorating party in Stockli. aisling and teamed up to make a Kanto (Kusafiri Mascot) and a Swiss Cow Egg.  We then had more Google Map Tours of Finland and Denmark…

 Sunday 15th April 

Easter Sunday!

I was up to video and photograph when the Band woke the valley at 7am! Anyone that knows me I am sure will be shocked and surprised that I was a function at this time of the morning!!

After the Band we had breakfast with the guestst and then continued with our day. Later we had an easter egg hunt in Spycher… alot less contact involved to when I do Easter Egg hunts at home with Luke!!

As much as it pains me to say I still did my sit Ups!!


This Ginger Can (Decorate an Egg to look like a World Centre Mascot)… SO CAN YOU