Just another week in the alps with a run and a little adventure…and the week when I lost the ability to hear the lunch bell…

30 day challenges: 

My two 30 Day exercise challenges are still going well, Although I am starting to feel a bit achy with all the squats, leg raises, press ups and sit ups that i’m doing everyday! Definitely a struggle when I come back late from day trips! #NoPainNoGain

Monday 3rd April

It was a busy morning at Our Chalet with 49 visitors from the UK for a day tour and pinning ceremony!

The Ab challenge is still going strong, although I fear we may have already lost fellow challengers…

In the evening I Skyped Nan, which was nice!

Tuesday 4th April

Run – 1.5km up the hill away from Our Chalet, I had hoped to go for 2km but a mix of bad weather and ear pain stopped me early! Oh well maybe next time…

The views form 1.5km up Hohlibeweg from Our Chalet

Although it was my day off I came back from my run, showered and then went over to the office to join the World Centre Marketing call just in time. It was interesting call to be on and I managed to volunteer to do a number of tasks. (Maybe I should’ve run further…🤔)

PicMonkey Collage 1

After dinner Hailey and Georgie came over to say that the guests had cancelled the evening programme of a hike.

The failed in “all in the tree selfie”

As they were already ready to go I decided to join them. We went to the wish tree, made a wish in the tree and tried but failed to take group photo of the three of us in the tree!

Then we continued to hike towards Engstligenalp, further than I’d managed to run earlier that day!


Wednesday 5th

I really enjoyed Lucerne so there’ll be a blog all about it at a later date!😉

Lucerne Day TRIP 8TH APRIL 2017.png

Thursday 6th April

Back to work!

After the run and hike of Tuesday, the steps from Lucerne and the ongoing ab and squat challenge  I could really do with another day to recover!

Today was lovey weather.  In the morning we thought about our personal social media presence for #ThinkingThursday, which I found very interesting! (When I google image searched my name it went to my Gang Show Website Profile!)

In the afternoon I joined the LTS meeting which again I found myself volunteering for things! At the end of the meeting we looked at how and IF Our Chalet meets the SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals).

Friday 7th April


Today I had a busy afternoon with check-in training and PM reception afterwards.

We had more lovely weather, during the break a group of staff had a yoga session & picnic outside (whilst I was working).

FaceTime with my NO.1 Best Pal
We have a pair of British guests, Freda and Sue. Had a lovely time talking about our favourite beaches in Cornwall!

Later, I found myself in reception after dinner with Skippy (the Our Chalet Cat) begging me for food. I am not a cat person. As I have the food out she jumped up to my leg, but then all is good because Georgie saved the day and put the cat food down!

In the evening I FaceTimed mum, and most importantly, Alf. Then I wrote postcards, finally!



Saturday 8th April

Today I made a goodbye card for Marie-Sofie (I’m the official Our Chalet Card maker apparently).

Today was the first time I was on time for lunch, however i still didn’t hear the bell!!!🙉

Sunday 9th April

Today wasn’t very eventful, back on PM reception!

This Ginger (1.5km up hill away from Chalet) SO CAN YOU!