The next two days of my break where less extreme and jam packed as the first.


Our Chalet staff can stay at Kisc for free and visa versa. (Kisc is the WOSM World Centre in Switzerland.) So when we had two days off in a row together, Maddy and I decided to go on a little adventrue to Kisc.

Today was a slower start with waking up with a bad headache and doing my washing…So rock and roll.

In the afternoon 3 of us went to Kandersteg, and had a guided tour by Anna, she knows the area as she volunteered at Kisc several years ago. We saw the river and wandered around the town a bit before making our way to Kisc.


Once at Kisc Anna abandoned us and went back to Adelboden. Maddy and I were staying at Kisc and arrived just in time for dinner.

We had a 9 bed room for 2, so after dinner we went back and played card games. Annoyingly when I called Dad to clarify the rules of Rummy but,  he was running around the building at the start of bootcamp! (He’s not meant to be there on a Thursday.😒)


The next day we woke up and had breakfast. Not long after it was time to check out and then we just needed to wait for Hailey to meet us, so we could show her around Kisc, before heading to Spiez.


Once in Speiz we went and grabbed picnic food (strawberries, tortilla chips and salsa) and then waited for charlotte who was joining us. When we were all reunited we headed down towards Lake Thun. On our way we came across a park and of course Hailey and I had to have a go a See-Saw…17619743_1388018324594906_1843877442_nThen we found a nice grassy park area by the marina where we sat and ate, and played cards for hours its amazing how most of the games we all play but know by different games! (I enjoyed it as I won at a couple of times).sp CollageThere were workmen looking after and cutting the trees and plants. We saw the girl working in the kiosk bring them over chocolate and then when they didn’t want anymore they came and gave the chocolate to us! The Swiss are just genuinely lovely people!sp2Collage

Unfortunately the ice cream place everyone raves about was unexpectedly closed… with a sign saying “enjoy the beautiful weather”. So we walked up to the castle and then a church and then to co-op. On our travels I saw a Lidl, I may have got a little too excited about that…🤔sp3 Collage

After our customary trip to coop we headed back to the station and arrived back & to Our Chalet just in time for tea!🙌

So European…Charlotte & My Matching outfits


Oh I forgot, out of the two Europeans  on todays adventure we were awkwardly dressed the same… so of course we had to take a matching outfit photo to remember the occasion!

This Ginger Can (win card games) SO CAN YOU!