As I mentioned in my previous blog I promised myself that I would try and make the most of my days off and try and see as much of Switzerland as I can. Also to make the most of my half-fare card which cost my 180 CHF!!


Today was an early start, Grindelwald was around 3 hours away so we needed to leave Our Chalet at 7.30 AM!! (On a day off?! What kind of madness is this?!)


To get to Grindelwald we needed to get a bus and then 3 trains changing trains at Frutigen and Interlaken. As the train journeys went on the trains we were on got older and the journey began to get more uphill!

Once in Grindelwald we had the obligatory loo break and then had the task of finding out where exactly the cliff walk we’d woken up so early for was. Also it would help if we could discover how to get there.

Walking anywhere with a group of 6 girls especially can be interesting. What should of been a 10 minute walk from the train to the gondola station took at least twice as long. Of course we needed to stop for snacks, then at the park… then it would of been rude not to stop for selfies and a quick look in the shops!

GRINDELWALD 1.5 Collage.jpg

Once at the gondola station the 5 of us with half fare cards were pleased to discover we could save money. (Lucky as we’d all just been shopping!)


This was a long Gondola ride, with at least 3 turns and a station or two before we reached the top. Safe to say it was a challenge, considering I refused to stand up for the first half of my trip on the London eye – but I got through with a little help from my friends (and  the distraction/challenge of taking a group selfie).


Once at the top it was time for our cliff walk (EEEK!) But first we needed to take group photos (where you even there if you don’t have a picture to prove it?🤔)


Again the task of taking photos and posing helped me deal with how high we were. Not that I’m scared of heights I’m just scared of dying, when I’m not convinced if something is  safe.

GRINDELWALD3 Collage.jpg

Clearly the bouncy suspension bridge was one of these obstacles that no selfie challenge would have distracted me from so Anna and I resorted to holding hands and being scared together.

GRINDELWALD 4Collage.jpg

The next part was the scariest, but Anna and I had thought of a cool pose at the end of the walkway so were determined to brave it together. However when I agreed to be in front I did not quite realise that it was clear Perspex floor and front. Safe to say we didn’t hang around there for two long we were much happier on solid, non transparent ground.

GRINDELWALD 5 Collage.jpg

Once we’d all taken in the views, had a photoshoot at the end of the walk-way and taken some more selfies it was time to make the descent back down the mountain.

Then it was time for the long journey back to Adelboden before round 2 of the days activities.



I don’t know whether I have mentioned this yet, but Anna one of the Spring Chalet Assistants is from Sweden, and so is IKEA. We had been talking about an IKEA trip for some time and once Anna was tested to drive the mini-bus our talk became action! So after returning to Adelboden we had around half an hour before we left for IKEA, this was the 6 of us from the Add to dictionary gang plus Sarah (Programme  Co-ordinator).

IKEA Collage.jpg

Not sure what to say about this excursion. Me and Megan had an interesting game of sweet or sour at the back of the van. Once we arrived we ate in the IKEA restaurant. Then we explored IKEA in the excitable way any group of 7 grown women would do!


  1. I definitely don’t pronounce the name of IKEA furniture correctly
  2. It appears most IKEA furniture/light fittings names are places in Sweden
  3. There’s a whole room/style of furniture named after Anna, IKEA’s number one fan and customer (this fact may be a lie).

This Ginger Can (complete the Grindelwald Cliff Walk) SO CAN YOU!