Its a busy week so here’s the weeks overview! look out for the next blog about my Full 3 Days off!

Sunday 26th March 

Back to work, and back to one last day of Helen Storrow Seminar.

This meant my first Closing Ceremony here at Our Chalet, it was brilliant weather with sunshine and blue skies which is perfect for me as I needed to take photos!

Although these past days have been manic I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the seminar, meeting the inspiring girls from around the world and having no one day the same. I’ve also discovered a new interest in putting videos together these past 10 days – who knew my Media Studies AS-Level would come in handy

Also we took one of my favourite pictures from my time here so far!


Monday 27th March 

Days filled with photos and video editing

Tuesday 28th March

…and some more photos and video editing fighting with my computer, which likes to go at a slightly different pace to me.

Wednesday 29th March

I’m about to start my next 3 days off and have promised myself I will make use of my days off and try and explore as much of Switzerland as I can.

DAY #1: GRINDELWALD! Check out my next blog for more details!


We also went to IKEA afterwards, Anna tried to teach me how to the say the words correctly, unfortunately I still think I’m butchering the Swedish language. However #FUNFACT most the names of IKEA Products are names of places in Sweden!

Thursday 30th March


DAY #2: Visited Kandersteg in the afternoon and was shown around by our resident KISC/Kandersteg expert Anna. Then we had dinner and stayed the night at KISC, Check out my next blog for more details!

Friday 31st March


DAY #3: Today I woke up at Kisc and then went to Speiz look out for my next blog to find out what I did. Check out my next blog for more details!



Saturday 1st April 

FULL SPRING TEAM PHOTO AT LAST!! Just in time for Megan’s last day. Here’s the Spring 2017 team in all its glory 😋




Then I Face-Timed Mum, Dad and the Dogs to talk about their visit their visit to Switzerland. I can’t wait to see them, I really do miss them!


 Sunday 2nd April 


Megan’s last day – I was very crafty and made crown and card for laundry queen! IMG_0827[1]

Today was also the first day of the April Abs Challenge! 12 sit ups to start… easy right?

To mark Megan’s last official working day, we had a Karaoke night. It was fancy dress, so we had the Spice Girls (I was Baby Spice), Briteny Spears,  Avril Lavigne and many more! I also think I impressed a lot of people with my rappin’ skillz. 😎

This Ginger Can (Be A Spice Girl…) So Can you…