My most active week, and i’ve been here a month!! SHOCKER I actually went for a run!!


Today was a day off which started slow, cleaning the bathroom and doing laundry (Wild , I know.) In the afternoon we walked into to town (as I’ve mentioned before a bigger feat than it sounds). We stopped for cake and waited until co-op opened, shops have limited opening times in Switzerland on days such as a Sunday (making it an inconvenient day to have off!).

It was nice to walk into the town during the day time when its open, and to finally find out where the Coop is!!!

SUNDAY Collage.jpg


Today is another day off ahead of the Helen Storrow Seminar 2017. I have been told I will be very busy over the coming days, but not what is expected for me to do which is making me a bit anxious.

To distract myself today’s activities was exercise. Firstly Yoshi taught hailey and I how to cook curry, it tastes EVEN BETER THAN WAGAMAMA’S Katsu Curry for lunch. (If you want to hear how inaccurate Wagamama is give me a shout I could talk about it for atleast 20 minutes.)

Next up we went down into the Conference Room and did some of The Body Coach workouts from YouTube played on the big screen. After Yoshi made us do yoga to stretch…


Then I’m not sure why, perhaps we were high on adrenaline from the workout, but we decided to go for a run!

The hill was hard, but the view was worth it.

Tuesday 21st March

Today was the Opening Ceremony of Helen Storrow 2017.IMG_0194[1].JPG

I was busy in the day taking photos and getting my head round the plans for the week.

Charlotte (Denmark) and I ran evening programme adapting the “Who Wants To Be A Wagggs Millionare” game.  I really enjoyed doing the activity and I think the participants did too. This is probably the best work day I’ve had since being here. I was really busy but it was good busy!


Wednesday 22nd March

The second day of Helen Storrow, I was involved with helping make some of the connections with the Pop-Up seminars around the world. Another busy day, but frustrating at times when technology let me down 😰🤷

Thursday 23rd March

Today was a good day.

This morning I ran the connection with the pop-up in Rowanda and ended up talking the girls about their project for around 20minutes, Tanya joined me after being outside with the participants where they got a chance to talk the girls also.

Then in the afternoon I went to the adventure park. I expected to just take pictures and videos, but I got to take part too!!

adv Collage.jpg

There was a Zip-lining course, high ropes and then Fast Rappelling (basically jump off a bridge). I chose the fast rappel which meant the rope catches you as you get further down.

Friday 24th March

  • I’ve been in Switzerland 1 month today!

Today was another busy day, photographing, connecting and editing. Sadly it was the last day Annelise and I worked together. ☹️ I’ve really enjoyed working with her, we just end up in hysterics when we try and edit!


This evening was the International Festival, each Region had 10 minutes to tell us about their countries. The main theme seemed to be Dancing – which I won’t complain about! Then after the presentations we could go around the room and see what people had brought and try their sweets etc…. 😍 Yoshi gave me a brochure for Kyoto, where the tea I like is from… is that a hint? 🤔


Saturday 25th March

My day off, spent in the swiss sun in lovely Thun.

The sun shone all day and it was the perfect day to wander around a town and enjoy the views. I went to Thun with Yoshi &  Hailey, our day started off badly , first we missed the bus, then Hailey fell over (nothing) as we walked down the drive and then before we even reached the bus top Yoshi lost a crown! I know that things like this come in three so I was careful all day…. I am still waiting my disaster to happen!

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Once in Thun we hunted for McDonald’s (for Yoshi) and then sat by the river to have our packed lunch. Later we explored and walked up to the castle and sat in the churchyard enjoying the views and each others company. (Wow I sound civilised.) After we went back to an Ice-Cream shop, that  we spotted on our hunt for the Golden Arches and then stopped for an ice-cream by the river.

We had time before our train to have a further wander, which took us in the other direction towards Lake Thun where we had water either side of us and again found a nice spot.

It was a really nice day, and just what I needed after the manic days of Helen Storrow before. I returned to Our Chalet feeling relaxed but exhausted!

I managed 16,067 steps so my Fitbit was happy too!

thun Collage.jpg

Once we ate Hailey & I watched Gilmore Girls, after a brief & welcome Skype call interruption with Nan! – what a perfect end to the day! 👌

Check out my 3 top Fitbit scores from the last 8 days!!

This Ginger Can  (Last a month in Switzerland) SO CAN YOU!