In a week of Days off, Selfies and Birthdays

Monday 13th March IMG_5289

Today was Adrian’s Birthday (Adrian is the Grounds Maintenance
Assistant at Or Chalet). Today Adrian brought snacks (Pretzel Sticks 😍) for morning meeting and then loads of cakes deserts and nice drinks for lunch .

Today was a good day.

Sad note: The weather’s lovely and the snow is melting…

Tuesday 14th March


Today was my day off and we had planned to go Interlaken, we managed to miss the first bus… So we walked into town to get the bus so we could buy the tickets for the whole journey (train & bus) at once.

Once in Frutigen we managed to miss the train and had an hour until the next… so off we went to Coop where we got strawberries and cream and Paprika Pringles. There was also a Tchibo section in the Coop which gave major throwbacks and i had to take a picture of it for mum!

frutigen Collage.jpg

After our little unplanned adventure through Frutiegn to the Coop and back, we had two trains to catch before we reached our final destination – INTERLAKEN! The first train took us to Spiez, we had around 15 minutes between trains so went outside to take Selfies with Lake Thun. (It was sunny but still a bit windy.)thunCollage

Once on riding the rails again to Interlaken, we had an even better view of Lake Thun so guess what we did…

17350923_1373394242723981_1153878465_nOur arrival to Interlaken was met with much excitement( and  screaming from Yoshi) as Charlotte (another Spring Vollie) was on the other side of the road with her family on a day out! Again we had to capture this exciting turn of vents with a Selfie, or two, maybe three…reunion.png

We let Charlotte return to her family and we looked in some shops and then found a nice spot to eat our packed lunches and strawberries and cream by the water…where we were met by Hollie ( A short Term vollie who had been at Our Chalet for the Autumn Season) she’d just been Paragliding (scary stuff)!strawberry stop.jpgNext stop on our spontaneous day in Interlaken was to got Schuh the chocolate shop where we met Charlotte and her family. It was lovely and sunny so we sat outside and the Chocolate Cake I had was 100% worth the allergic reaction.

cake stop.jpg

After our essential cake-stop we explored further into Interlaken. Hollie remembered a place where you could see Marmots, so we walked up , only to find they were still hibernating. We did get to see some Ibex though (nowhere near as exciting as a Marmot). We finished off our day walking back through Interlaken in the search of Cocktails taking pictures along the way. We managed to find a Latin bar where we sat outside and shared a pitcher of really nice margarita and had Tortilla Chips with salsa & Guacamole (nice and Swiss…) I thoroughly enjoyed my first Day Trip on a day off, which explains why it’s taken up most the blog post!


Wednesday 15th March

Today was another birthday at Our Chalet which meant I needed to usUntitled designe my card making skills, I also needed to make Hollie a Thank You card as she was leaving (sadface ☹). This meant ANOTHER FIRST as we went out in Adelboden for some drinks. Taught Kalia the correct version of the Saturday Night routine so my night was successful!

I also climbed the fountain in town (one more item signed off the Staff Challenge💪).

Thursday 16th March

Thursday was a normal day in the Office, not much more I can say about that!

Friday 17th March – Saint Patrick’s day!IMG_0003[1]

One of the jobs for today was to start looking through the Guest Book Archives and schedule ahead. Helen Storrow Seminar is just around the corner so I’m trying to have whatever I can ready as I have been told I will be busy!

In my looking through the guest books I found a TELEGRAM FROM THE QUEEN(‘s private secretary).

I also did evening programme -how exciting! It was the Wine and Cheese evening and I did get to taste some in the end, the white wine was very nice and the cheeses were good too!!

Saturday 18th March

Today I was in the Office again, I spent time looking through the archives to schedule more #throwbackthursdays from the 19060s and 1970s.

This blog is too long so I’ll include Sunday’s exert in next weeks blog!

This Ginger Can (take a selfie), So Can You…