This Week I Struggled With A Title…So lets call it Blog NO.3

The last week of training & The Brits educating the rest of the spring team on Bake Off

Monday 6th March

The last week of training. Today was time Bathroom & Room Setting in the morning, then after lunch office time, and common room areas cleaning training.

In the evening I helped out with the campfire training. it was interesting learning new songs especially ones in different languages like Japanese and Spanish! Bonus was I lead 3 songs and climbed around the table, that’s two more things signed off on the staff challenge! 💪

Tuesday 7th MarchIMG_0057[1]

Today was an office day, with Ski Fitting in the middle. We’d had a fair bit of snow overnight so I was definitely the weather for Snowsports , even it was just the fitting…

Unfortunately since getting my ski gear it was warmed up and we haven’t had snow since. Typical. 🤷 I still hope to Ski on this visit to Switzerland!

I also had a nightmare trying to edit the video for International Women’s Day. If anyone has a free video editing software for a windows laptop that they can recommend please give me a shout!

Wednesday 8th March

Today’s International Women’s Day. It didn’t mean anything special happened to my day I was in the office again. However my video was ready and got posted, its the little things…

Check out my blog on International  Women’s Day: A Shout Out To All The Girls I Know

Thursday 9th March


I was going to Ski on Harry’s Chalet in the afternoon, but it was raining and was advised against attempting skiing today. 😞

So instead I spent my afternoon making Victoria sponge (a massive one) and cornflake cakes for the Staff International Night. Even when abroad I find myself baking! Making Cornflake Cakes were fine BUT, the Victoria Sponge  was all a bit stressful as there was no self-raising flour and only massive tins. Also I used the kitchen in main chalet so found myself crouched down staring into the oven (just like in bake off!). Here’s some pictures of Selasi (BAKE OFF 2016 CONTESTANT) that fit my Alpine Baking experience…(Also who doesn’t love Selasi?!)

PicMonkey Collage

Friday 10th March

FIRST AID TRAINING in the morning, then office in the afternoon.

Evening was spent at the Staff International Night. Me and the other Brit (Georgie) chose Bake Off as our “show and tell” showing the dramatic scenes from the ‘Alaska Gate’ the other year.

Also, what’s more British than Mary Berry (Queen of Cakes) and baking?! I enjoyed the salsa from Kalia (Mexico) although (I forgot my left and right temporarily) and Yoshi brought small bags made by her guiders at home with KitKats in. They have SIX FLAVOURS of KitKats in Japan including GINGER AND GREEN TEA, who knew?!

Here’s a reminder of the Alaska Gate…


Saturday 11th March

Today was pretty full. I had the challenge/pressure of taking the Spring Team Vollies pictures for their website profiles! I’m not used to photographing people and I can confirm that my dogs are probably easier models than some of the girls!

Then in the afternoon we had Intercultural training which was all about Culture Shock, how cultures differ, diversity and Mental  well-being.

Here are some of the pictures I took  that didn’t reach the website for obvious reasons…. (apart from mine thanks Anna!😘)

Untitled design.png

PS. In case you were worried Britain- Australian relations have somewhat improved…I think 🤔

Magic Tree (1)

Tonight I was unusually scheduled to attend the evening programme hike. I was looking forward to get a chance to snowshoe and actually hike! There was a full moon and no need for any torches, when we reached the magic tree we were presented with our Staff Kneckers with a personalised woggle with our name on! (Bonus: made a wish in the magic tree – that’s another point signed off on the staff challenge)

Sunday 12th March

Today I was one of the few spring team working. Today I wore my Our Chalet Necker to work for the first day!!

#FACT: The Pewter Our Chalet Pin was presented at the opening ceremony and only available for people who have visited Our Chalet!
This Ginger Can (Get a World Centre Staff Necker),  So Can You…