As I reach the end of my first full week in Switzerland, The theme of this week is “first times”.

Sunday 26th Februaryimg_51901

First day in the office, First morning meeting, First Stock Take? (to name a few…)

Today I was in the Office I attended morning meeting then had a meeting with Nikki about the role, then had a Skype meeting with the Previous MCI (Marketing & Communications Intern) after lunch and then I helped the Guest Services Intern with the shop stock take.

Oh and I had my first evening meal in the main dining hall with guests.

Monday 27th February

baby mum 006


First time away from Mum’s Birthday (😪)





Tuesday 28th February

First time talking to home.untitled-design-1

First time having Tire d-erable (Maple Syrup Suckers). So after Staff Lunch Katt (Winter Vollie) organised a special treat. You our
hot maple syrup on snow and roll a lolly pop stick in it to make a lolly. (apologies for the terrible explanation)

Wednesday 1st March

First time meeting the whole of the Spring 2017 Vollie and Intern Team properly, My First Our Chalet Opening Ceremony.opening ceremony.jpg

So, as you can see we had typical spring weather for the Spring Season Opening Ceremony 🤔

Thursday 2nd March

I don’t think I stopped laughing through the fire safety & snow clearing and the Our Chalet Tour training today!

Laughing during training – is that a first? 🤔 (Maybe not if you count rugby training)

Friday 3rd March

First time in the Our Chalet Van! (It was only to the silver bin and back, basically down the drive, but still a first!)

First time in Baby Chalet and also first time I realised trainer socks where a bad idea when the snow depth is unconfirmed, even when wearing hiking boots!

Saturday 4th March

Windswept is a good look for me…

First time attempting to photograph mountains in strong winds. It was very windy yesterday with wind speeds at the top of the mountains of 160 kph, lower down at Our Chalet there was recorded winds of 90-110 kph! All the Gondolas closed due to this weather  and i decided it was the perfect (only) time to go and take a photo for Mountain Monday! (Another first).

Also it was the first time using the Our Chalet Camera. Second time I  realised trainer socks where a bad idea when the snow depth is unconfirmed even
when wearing hiking boots!

Mountain Monday.JPG
Final Photo that made the cut (The Mountain’s called Fitzer)

First time trusted to help in the kitchen! (As the official Poppy Hollie Intern/Bitchen).

Sunday 4th March – Day Off

First time doing my laundry here in Switzerland, first time EVER using a tumble dryer 😱🙊. (Shout out to Kalia for telling me how the machines worked 😘)

First proper workout since arriving!!!

First (Chocolate) Fondue since arriving in Switzerland.

ALSO first time eating Green Tea & Rice  with seaweed. It was actually really nice despite being unsure when Yoshi told us about it. Apparently Green Tea & Rice is the Japanese version of a kebab or cheesy chips at the end of a night out!


In Finland the music note “B” replaced by “H”.

Learn something new every day, or even two when living at Our Chalet! (That Rhymes 😏)

This Ginger Can (do something for the first time), So Can YOU…