International Women’s Day 2017- How Kirsty See’s It. 👀 💁

Yesterday (Wednesday 8th march 2017) was International Women’s day, a day where women and girls across the world consciously celebrated being a woman and raised awareness for the empowerment of women. (From what I gather)

I am currently working at a WAGGGS World Centre in Switzerland. Naturally, a main aim for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts programmes is to empower young girls and women to believing the sky is the limit. WAGGGS run many campaigns and projects to empower women from across the globe, luckily in the UK your gender isn’t the barrier it can be in other areas of the world. One WAGGGS programme you may be familiar with is “Free being me” a global body confidence revolution Empowering girls through improving body confidence and self-esteem.

This year, being at Our Chalet, I was more aware of International Women’s Day as it approached. WAGGGS ran a campaign called #GreatGirlLeaders where they shared a series of inspiring women as well as asking the public to share their female role models and the women who inspire them.

WAGGGS International Women’s Day Campaign 2017

I made this video, with a little help from my friends, to share from Our Chalet on International Women’s day. Click on this link to watch the Our Chalet #GreatGirlLeaders International Women’s Day 2017 video.

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Pictures from the video

It was lovely to see yesterday, and today all the people sharing women who have inspired them, and celebrating women. However it is a shame to see the predictable “where’s International Men’s Day then?” comments on social media. To be fair I agree, why should we have to schedule one day a year to be proud to be a woman?

I’ve never felt inadequate or a second class citizen to my male peers and haven’t found my gender to be a limiting factor in my life. Although the stereotype that the women end up doing all the cooking and cleaning does anger me a little, but I’ve never been afraid to make my point.

I couldn’t pin point one female role model or woman that inspires me yesterday. Many women have inspired and influenced me in so many different ways I couldn’t fit it into a 140 character tweet including all the required hashtags; #GreatGirlLeaders #IWD2017 #BeBoldForChange #InternationalWomensDay which together equals 64 characters alone!!

I often find myself in awe of other women, whether it be seeing their career success, perhaps they’re an awesome rugby player, maybe it’s their confidence or ability to juggle 101 things at once (e.g family, work & guiding). As I find myself now living in a female dominated environment and playing sports, one particularly stereotype breaking, I will continue to be impressed by the women around me. I know that I’m reminded by the impressive girls and women I come across in my life that every day is International Women’s Day just like some men think the other 364 days a year are International Men’s Day.

Hopefully one day we won’t have to put it in the calendar to celebrate being a girl and that International Women’s Day will be another page in the history books.

Here’s some of the women & girls that have inspired & influenced me! (Plus me playing rugby which I’m just super proud of and definitely opened my eyes to what girls really are capable of (even ginger ones) and that’s down to some of the amazing people I have played with and met playing the sport.

IWD Collage.jpg

This Ginger Can, Celebrate How Awesome Girls Are, SO CAN YOU!