… A very good place to start
When you read you begin with A-B-C
When you sing you begin with do-re-mi

(Sorry I’m  channeling the sound of music as I write this blog, looking out my window at the mountains surrounding Our Chalet)

Before the tears

Friday 24th February

The day of my Journey to Switzerland. Where I will be the Marketing & Communications Intern at WAGGGS Our Chalet.

It all started at Heathrow where I said goodbye to my family, and cried.

Once I got on the plane I cried again, pretty much all through takeoff. I’m not normally a nervous flyer so not really sure where that came form. (Impromptu in-explainable crying seemed to be the theme of the day.)


img_5178Once off the plane in Zurich, I needed to get my luggage and find the train station and ticket office for the next stage of my journey. I was then so eager not to miss my train I found myself on the platform 40 minutes early. (At least Swiss trains are renowned for being on time so I didn’t need to wait too long? 🤔).

Once on the first train I made friends with a guy coming from his national military service (his names was Ron) he was left to guard his and his colleagues bag , I just stood in the luggage compartment because my bag was so big and the train was rather busy.

The next train was a rush from one platform to the next in Bern, there was no escalator down to the platform which was tad awkward with my massive suitcase. I rushed onto the train with seconds to spare. I then sat down, showed the conductor my ticket and he started shouting at me in German. Eventually we got to English, when he informed me I was on the right train, however, I was in the wrong part of the train. I needed to get off and get back on further up where the trains split. Fortunately the man who sat opposite me (Stefan he works in communications and does ski mountaineering) was getting off and Spiez and helped me get on to the right part of the train. Once in Frutigen, I again had the obstacle of no escalator and needed to carry my suitcase down the steps. Fortunately there was a slope up and out of the station and then all  needed was a bus and a lift to get to Our Chalet.img_5186

Once at the Adelboden Oey bus stop I waited for my lift… and then I was in home for the next 3 months.

I arrived just after 8pm, once I had settled in a little I went out with some of the other staff, mainly from the winter volunteer team, and went sledging down the mountain road (Hohliebeweg) behind Our Chalet. It was a good way to end my day of travelling and cool down!


Saturday 25th February


Today was my full day at Our Chalet. After having little fluids or food during my long day of travelling, I slept in late, and woke with a bad headache so didn’t rush to get up (nothing new there).

I didn’t have any particular plans for my first day apart from going night sledging in the evening on Tschenten.

To get there we needed to walk  into Adelboden town (not the leisurely stroll it sounds) and then get the gondola up to the top. This time, unlike the night before there was a ski lift which meant we could do numerous runs down without having to hike up the hill each time!img_5203

It was really good fun and the hours flew by, and My FitBit was fairly happy too by the end of the day, despite being pretty immobile and lazy all day I still managed 13,154 steps! (All thanks to the walk there and back I suspect).

A great way to start my Swiss adventure with new world guiding friends! Bonus I think I actually got the hang of it by the end and I only fell off once! 😲 But somehow still ended up with nearly the same amount of bruising as would from rugby training when we do contact?

I definitely feel like sledging fast down hills at night, with parts in the complete dark without floodlights, should count as a new extreme sport right? 🤔 I mean I had to wear a helmet!

This Ginger Can, So Can You…comes after.png