I’d like to take this opportunity to profess my love for Blueberry Jam…

Most Twenty One year olds are professing their love for their phone, car, ‘bae’ or latest designer item, whilst I’m in love with a new addition to our condiments in our kitchen cupboard, Blueberry Jam…

The Blueberry is a fairly underrated fruit compared to the Strawberries, Raspberries and Blackberries of the world, and I just wanted to talk about how awesome Blueberries can be especially as a jam…

Blueberries are great and always make a good pie or crumble,  they break down and with a bit of sugar and your onto a winner.

Although I’ve always known Blueberries were a fruit, I recently discovered blueberry jam, and it changed my life. Not that I’m surprised it exists I know almost anything from Strawberry to Chillies can be made into a jam. The jams you use would normally use for Victoria Sponge are Raspberry or Strawberry, but believe me Blueberry is in a league of its own.

Mum and I came across a recipe this summer, one of those free recipe cards you get from the supermarket, which was for a Victoria Sponge with fresh cream and Blueberry jam. We thought it sounded interesting and worth giving a go.

Blueberry jam provides a great extra flavour to your cakes and really does make a difference. We’re converted in my house we even used it for my 2 tier birthday cake! That’s a real seal of approval as Mum would never give cake using a jam she didn’t approve of to family and friends!



Blueberry and Lemon is a winning combination, I’ve come up with a Blueberry and Lemon cupcake recipe, where you fill the centres of the cupcakes with my new favourite ingredient…yes you guessed it BLUEBERRY JAM! This cupcakes have gone down well whenever I’ve made them, so will share the recipe of this winning combination with you soon!


In case you wondered, the brand we chose is St Dalfour Wild Blueberry Jam – other brands are available.

I normally end my blogs ‘This Ginger Can, So Can You’ not sure it’s appropriate today (although obviously you are all capable of loving Blueberry Jam as much as me).

Kirsty out.

Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement and I promise I’m not being paid by the Blueberry Jam makers to say this, I just genuinely can’t get over how nice Blueberry Jam is.