Here’s the part where I talk about cake…

My Mum makes the best Victoria Sponge I’ve ever tasted and my Dad can turn a simple Victoria Sponge into a a work of art. As a child my cakes were the envy of my friends from the Pink Bratz Convertible to the Poly Pocket Princess Tower complete with edible Mini My Little Pony Meadow!

I’ve grown up baking with my mum and both my Nanny and my Grandma so it was inevitable that I would too have a love for all things cake! (Despite my inconvenient egg allergy.)

In recent years I’ve become more adventurous in my baking, trying recipes and new techniques. Dad has also let loose helping him decorate cakes, I started off with presents on the Christmas cake, I am now trusted with Father Christmas, My Specialty. Our most recent collaboration was my 21st birthday cake inspired by our recent adventure holiday to the Gower in Wales last May.

Keep your eye out for recipes and cake ideas on this part of the blog!

My 21st EXTREME SPORTS Birthday Cake

This Ginger Can Bake, So Can You!