In a week full of muddy rugby and Bootcamp,  I didn’t just manage 6 days of exercise this week I got a full house 7/7! #SMASHEDIT #THISGIRLCAN

Doing exercise definitely gives me more energy and leaves me feeling better, physically and mentally than when I haven’t. Although, I’m not sure how good all the rugby tackling has left my body feeling this week!

Saturdays fitbit figures!

Day 22: Saturday

No body conditioning today and the trainer was away, so went to 8am Bootcamp instead. Neil called the workout “Prowler Park Run”. In teams we collectively had to run 5km worth of prowler runs doing other exercises in between. I can’t hnoestly say so much prowler at 8am on a Saturday is my favourite start to the weekend!

Day 23: Sunday




After yesterdays Bootcamp I’m definitely feeling the effects of the prowler park run in my legs…

This Sunday is a development match for Trojans 2’s against Aylesford Ladies. This was a tough physical match with a mismatch in teams. We lost but as the game went on the team improved and played better together as a unit scoring two tries in the second half. I played the full match and jumped in the line-outs, not always very successfully. Part nerves part not used to the new team and calls I think.

Day 24: Monday

Mondays fitbit stats! 

Rugby training, we worked playing conditioned touch games and then small games with full contact. Working on decision making at the break down.  I also got a chance to go through some line-outs when we split. helpful as I could correct some of the mistakes I made on Sunday. I actually got more bruises form training than I had in the match on Sunday – definitely not worried about tackling anymore!


Felt really positive after this session, especially after being disappointed with my performance on Sunday.

Day 25: Tuesday

I had a netball match against the other club team. We won.

Day 26: Wednesday

Rest day? What’s that?

First Bootcamp of the week, I COMPLETED THE 1000 REPS WORKOUT and got half way through the ab killer after. Feeling good at the end of the workout, but sore! Stopped off at Nan’s for lunch…just what I needed.

Plankin’ with my pals. Alf doing a great job watching over me to make sure my form’s right!

Day 27: Thursday

Mini Win- comfortably did a 1 minute plank without having to stop!

Rugby Training again tonight, lots of mud, running about, some tackling and then scrum profiling.

Day 28: Friday

Second Bootcamp of the week! Today’s Bootcamp was a tough one: 120 squats, Burpees, Sit Ups and Mountain Climbers with running lengths of the Gym in between sets. The fitbit detected 35 active minutes from this workout and my face looked like a tomato afterwards! – Two signs confirming that I’ve worked hard.

I hate Burpees and am rubbish at them, but,  I’m so proud I managed all those Burpees, think I’m getting fitter!!

At the end of friday I’ve actually been exercising for 9 days straight and a rest day on Sunday can’t come soon enough!

This ginger can (AND DID), so can you….