Another unsuccessful week, from feeling under the weather to having my food weaknesses (crackers and cheese) in the house, this week is a write off… I also made a cake, which I had to taste!!

On the bright side, I clocked three hours and forty minutes of sport this week which is good!

Day 15:  Saturday

After smores with fudge at rangers on Friday, I needed to work hard this morning!

The start of week 3, kicked off in the same style as every week, the lower body conditioning course with Charlotte at fitness flex.

Saturdays Stats

I really enjoy this class, although, by the time I got there this week the only kettle bells which were left were the purple that’s 20kg! I normally use blue (12kg) or white (10kg) during Bootcamp sessions so this was a little heavier than I’m used to… We were doing weighted squats and a variation of deadlifts with these. By the time we went back to bar squats I was quite relieved as they were 5kg lighter than the kettlebell I had been using!

Day 16: Sunday

Luke had a party on Saturday night so this Sunday is going to be a slow one, helping tidy up and feeling tired…

Day 17: Monday

Another week, another netball match, this week was tough match,we lost. I played a couple of quarters at centre, so I definitely got a cardio workout! Still have a lot of skills to work on at netball with timing and marking.

Day 18: Tuesday

Bootcamp day, a good day for exercising as I managed 33 active minutes! We did a late 8pm Bootcamp, this wasn’t the best idea as we went food shopping before and there was afternoon cream tea selections reduced to £1, which we couldn’t resist!!

Day 19: Wednesday

Wednesday was a welcome day off this week!

Mum hosted reflection for a group of her friends which I meant there was a lot of food temptation! I made a gluten free cake and then we had cheese and crackers in the house so the diet went out the window…

Day 20: Thursday



I had rugby training tonight, the fitbit app automatically detected an hour and forty minutes of aerobic exercise. I think this means I must have worked? I blame the the conditioned touch for making me run around!

Thursdays fitbit stats were the best of the week!

Day 21: Friday

So after line-outs at rugby yesterday I recognised I needed to practice my jumping process, trying to avoid doing a small prep jump and use a new technique. I was upstairs practicing when suddenly I touched (what I thought was the ceiling) and the loft door fell open… – LESSON: DO NOT PRACTICE LINE OUT JUMP UPSTAIRS UNDER NEAR A LOFT DOOR KEEP THIS PRACTICE TO DOWNSTAIRS OR OUTDOORS.

To make it 5 days of exercise this week (I know I’ve failed but I’ve been a bit ill) I booked onto a Bootcamp on Friday night. Mum and I were a pair (as always) 90 seconds of the assault bike to start ended me. But it was a good session, not looking forward to 8am Bootcamp on Saturday morning to start week 4!