In a mixed week that started well with a super Saturday double at fitness flex and my first netball goal since school, there was a race to get 6 days of exercise in to meet the challenge!

Day 8: Saturday

Week 2 started with a bang with the second of the lower body conditioning course classes, I stayed for the whole session this week!

Saturday’s fitbit Stats

Then straight after body conditioning I had a Yoga class with the hope it would stretch out my legs leaving them fresh the next day. I just felt like I’d been beaten up!

Clocked at least an hour of exercise though! (Y)

Day 9: Sunday

A disappointing day, I was in the squad for Sunday’s game, but didn’t actually play. However I did do the warm up so I guess that can count for activity, but I’ll try and get an extra run in this week to make up for the lack of exercise today.

Day 10: Monday

Legs are still suffering from Saturday’s work out, but I was looking forward to running about the netball court to flush out some of the lactic acid.

I started off as Goal Attack, a position I haven’t played since school, and I managed to score the first goal of the match! Pretty pleased with that, it was my only successful shot of the match but I was still pretty chuffed!

Halloween’s Stats weren’t too scary!

After two quarters of GA I moved to centre, I really enjoyed the match, and felt I was starting to get the hang of netball and the timing of running around the court. Unfortunately we didn’t win, but we only had 7 players (no subs) and I think we worked well as team!

Monday was a success, making up for Sunday.

Day 11: Tuesday

So today mum and I had Bootcamp from Neil working in pairs whilst one of us did kettle bells, the other was doing another activity such as sit ups or jump tucks.

Day 12: Wednesday

Bootcamp AGAIN, this time we had Steve, 2 laps round the outside and 7 rounds of EMOM (every minute on the minute) now that was a tough one. Legs were still aching from Saturday and the day before. Due to my hand injury from Rugby a couple of weeks ago, it was painful to place my hand down whilst doing chest to floor burpees, so  steve kindly let me do one handed burpees instead  – I would not recommend.

Day 13: Thursday

After taking me well over an hour to get to Rugby in Eastleigh, I got to rugby with 40 minutes left. I must’ve worked hard once I got there as the fitbit even says I did 25 active minutes…

Day 14: Friday

Friday’s Fitbit scores, one goal beaten, 30 active minutes!

Last Day of week 2, to make sure I had 6 days of exercise (7 if you include warm up and water girl duties on Sunday) I booked myself onto a turbo session. 30 minutes of exercises including 15 calories on the assault bike and skier, 250 metres on the rower and more.