After some recent exciting news, (for another day and another blog post!) I’ve just started a six week kick-start challenge to help lose the weight I put on when writing a dissertation fuelled by chocolate and sweets… and improve my fitness levels.

So as part of my challenge, I have signed up to a 6 week lower body conditioning course at fitness flex  and I’m aiming to do at least 6 days of activity a week. Using my fitbit to help me track my activity, and who knows maybe I’ll actually beat it one of these days..



So the challenge started on a busy Saturday, with the first body conditioning class. Which started well I’d lost a little weight and all my measurements had got a little smaller in the few weeks since the end of the last course.  I could only stay for half an hour as I had to be at Wasps for a rugby game, but I managed to get some weighted squats, lunges and dead-lifts in before I rushed off. rugby and body conditioning in one day – good start.


So although I was on the rugby pitch for a shorter time than the 80 minutes for the 2nd team, the week, before I managed to hurt my hand which was rather painful.

Proof of Sunday’s activity, low steps but active minutes make up for it!

Nonetheless I still went to the P90X class on Sunday morning, holding the weights was a bit difficult with the bad hand but I managed it. I really enjoy this class there is cardio elements and it also incorporates strength training. This class supercharges your metabolism – so no need to feel guilty when I have a pudding after Sunday dinner!

The fitbit detected 38 active minutes, beating one goal out of 3 isn’t too bad.



I was at work all day, but I did manage to get to rugby my hand was still pretty sore so wasn’t such a productive sports day for me, at least I tried?!


NETBALL DAY! So again I had work but had a netball match, and we won 45-14 a great score for a team newly put together with around 4 people fresh back to netball (including me) so that was a good game! Only 7 of us were there as well so no subs; we had to play the full match! Not allowed to wear my fitbit for netball matches, imagine all those lost steps…


Work again, so activity had to wait until the evening. Today was a Bootcamp day, which started out well. Then mum hurt her leg so our team of three went down to two, so I had to do extra, then once mum re-joined I had to run her lengths – now that’s love people!

The fitbit picked up 19 ‘active minutes’ which it never seems to, so I must have been working hard.


Rugby again! This time a lot more productive, my hand is starting to feel more normal and I had a much better mind-set today!Even my fit bit agreed I had worked hard as it detected an hour and half of activity automatically!

Check out Thursdays stats! A day sat at a desk and i nearly got the steps goal!


I was set to go and do some skills practice, catching high balls and my passing over at the local sports ground after work. I got back too late, and by the time I got there it was too dark (winter sucks). So instead when we went to Sainsbury’s I got a tub of Ben & Jerry’s to work on this evening instead of working on my rugby skills.

In conclusion, I’m fairly happy with week 1 of this challenge, apart from minor injury and ice cream!  who’s kidding?  I’m enjoying the ice cream – time for a second bowl….


This Ginger Can So Can You….