Last year on our annual summer holiday to Cornwall, I finally got my wish to have surfing lessons.

We found a lovely beach called Gwithian Bay with an adjacent beach that allowed dogs so the parents could walk on the beach with the dogs whilst my brother and I surfed.

Charlie Loves The Beach Nearly As Much As Squeaky Balls!

Annoyingly Luke was better than me and got the hang of surfing before me, but I think I styled it out better.  

This summer we started our holiday with a lesson again, a refresher as we’ve only ever had two lessons and that was a year ago…

I didn’t do too badly, this time I had the standing up on the surf board and struggled with catching the waves at the right time… the opposite problem to what I had last year! But at Sunset Surf you get amazing hot chocolates with whipped cream, marshmallows and flakes so I got over my not so successful surf lesson pretty quick.

All The Gear, No Idea

The next visit to the beach we hired boards as recommended. Luke had be suggested to use a 8ft slick bottom surf board and it was suggested I try it too as it might make me a bit better… however I somehow got talked into going a size smaller 7ft 8in apparently there wouldn’t be much different in difficulty to use but easier to turn round in the water, I mean what’s two inches? (How could I be so wrong?!) Of course Luke again was fine I think I successfully caught and stood up for one wave in the whole two hours on the beach.

On our third surf day we were booked onto another lesson, this time I braved a sleek bottom again, this time the full 8ft. instead of a Roxy I used a soft top and lost half the skin on my hands, and once again failed epically at both the catching, standing aspects of surfing… I improved on the day before by having about five successful attempts.  I was literally ready to give up at the end of surf lesson when mark (the teacher) offered me and Luke to stay in for an hour longer, I switched to a swell and well I felt like I was a top surfer like Bethany Hamilton.  I came out buzzing despite my hands stinging and not actually being able to put them flat on the boards I had the best time in the sea I’d had all week. Although Luke didn’t really want to stay out and I just wanted my hands to stop hurting, I’m so glad we did.

I was really tested, as I got knocked back literally by the waves and mentally as I tried to think of the things I needed to do at a time. But whenever I started to get annoyed at myself or start to say that I couldn’t do it and I was going to give up…. Luke was there telling me to snap out of it and that I could. Thanks Lil Bro x

This Ginger Can Surf So Can You…