A Shout Out To All The Girls I know…

International Women’s Day 2017- How Kirsty See’s It. 👀 💁
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A Love Letter…

I’d like to take this opportunity to profess my love for Blueberry Jam…

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So This Is The End…

hold your breath and count to ten…

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My Last Full Week

My last full week at Our Chalet and the arrival of my family.

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The Scenic Week

A week with two days off enjoying the natural beauty of Switzerland.  Continue reading “The Scenic Week”


I finally got to use my Skis the day before they went back!

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In week of mixed weather form beautiful sunny Bern to snowy hikes…

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The Week Of The Great Escape

In a funny week that started with an escape and I spent a lot of time admiring the mountains.

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The Irish Week

In a week of learning the Irish are obsessed with Snapchat and  how to use the term “give out”. I also made an Irish friend.

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NO. 7

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No. 6

Just another week in the alps with a run and a little adventure…and the week when I lost the ability to hear the lunch bell…

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